Why Split Testing Is Vital – Astonishing Split Test Result

The split test result I am going to show you now is absolutely astonishing. Watch the following 3 minute 37 second video where I reveal a quite remarkable A/B split testing result.

I am going to keep this page alive as I continue the process, however, these initial results are something you should take notice of.

Just two small changes, which I show you in detail, uplifted opt in rates by over 30%. It’s a clear demonstration of why split testing is so vitally important when building an online business – enjoy the video training.

I will be adding further video updates to this page as I continue to cover this important aspect of building your online business, so bookmark and come back!

Today I added a Facebook like box and social proof widget to one of the pages. As I have nearly 9,000 FB page likes, I am hoping it will provide some compelling social proof and boost opt in rates even further! Come back soon to find out how the next split test pans out.

Here’s my other post about slpit testing
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Click Funnels is absolutely the best tool available for building even the most complex sales funnels. Built by Russell Brunson and his team (who have sold millions of dollars worth of stuff online), it is built by marketers FOR marketers.

It is point and click, drag and drop simple and I have used it for the last two years. It has enabled me to build high converting funnels and fine tune with superb stats so I can make informed decisions on my slit testing.

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